Courses that Empower

Courses that Empower


Are you ready to step into your sovereignty?

Let’s explore the depths of your intuitive wisdom and unveil the mysteries of the universe together.

Goddess Isis Mystery School

Divine Feminine Healing Arts for the Modern Mystics, Healers, and Way showers

Annual Membership

Goddess Isis Mystery School

Mentorship Program

Discover profound healing, and awaken your intuitive abilities to lead your clients through transformative healing.


Energy Healing Session 30 minutes

Energy Healing Session Online 30 minutes

Empowerment Coaching

Discover personal freedom to follow your unique soul purpose + Learn tools to enhance your intuitive powers

Self-Love Activation Course

Restore depleted energy by creating a practice of self-devotion.

FREE 21-Day Intimate Self-Love Activation

Akashic Records Course

Learn how to read the Akashic Records to activate your intuitive gifts and discover your full potential. 

3 Week Online Course