FREE 21-Day Intimate Self-Love Activation 

Restore depleted energy + Receive the love you desire

Let’s be honest, are you…

Tired of giving so much of your time, energy, and love without receiving the same in return? 

Longing for deep intimacy, but scared you will get hurt? 

Not sure how to connect with your intuition and wonder how some people seem to love and trust themselves? 

I have been there, which is why I am sharing what has worked for me.

This Intimate Self-Love Activation is for anyone who is ready to:

Establish a daily devotion to nurturing yourself.

Heal wounds that prevent you from experiencing intimacy.

Create and maintain intimacy with your inner being, (intuition, higher self) to deepen your relationships.

How does it work?

I will lead you in daily guided meditations, 10-15 minutes per day,  accompanied by journal prompts for you to create awareness, strengthen your intuition, and learn how to develop the relationships you desire.

By creating a daily self-love routine you create a sacred space to hear your heart’s desires, restore depleted energy, and expand your capacity for intimate interactions. 

Once you enroll, you will receive an email to log in to the student portal, where you will access your Daily audio lesson, meditation/energy transmissions, and download files.

What is included once you log in?

  • 3 Recorded Meditations, 1 meditation per week for 3 weeks
    • To establish a relationship with yourself and understanding of fulfilling your desires for intimacy.
  • 3 Recorded audio lessons, 1 per week for 3 weeks 
    • With practical guidance to safely create intimate relationships
  • 3 Powerful Mantras 1 per week for 3 weeks 
    • Mantra screen savers for your phone to encourage and uplift you
  • 3 PDF’s 1 PDF per week for 3 weeks
    • Journal prompts to discover and remove what stands between you and the intimacy you desire
  • 1 closing meditation and video at the end of the 3 weeks
  • 1 Bonus Guided Meditaiton, journey to the center of your heart. To enhance your intuitive connection
  • FREE entry to my online student portal
  • Channeled Messages to guide and encourage you

In only 10-15 minutes per day, you will restore balance where you have been overgiving, develop intuitive wisdom and relationship skills to increase the intimacy you desire.