Intuitive Guidance

Intuitive Guidance Session

Are you searching for clarity and guidance that will help you understand your life from a higher perspective? During an intuitive guidance session, I translate messages from your soul’s Akashic Records and loving guides so you can receive tools for self-empowerment to help you navigate growth and transformation.

Are you ready to release your fears and self-doubt so you can live with confidence and make empowered decisions?

Together we can discover:

The bigger picture so you can use your energy wisely

What keeps you stuck so you can move forward

What stands between you and the love you desire

How to harness your intuitive wisdom

How to transform your fears into self-love

There is a great opportunity here for you to understand and discover the wisdom within your lessons. 

perhaps you are asking

How do I receive and access this level of clarity?

How do I connect with my eternal wisdom?

How do I use that wisdom to create my reality?

When you are held in a safe space, seen and heard on a soul level

Your spirit blossoms like a flower and shares with you the secrets you carry within.

My service helps you see clearly by connecting with you on a deep soul level and then allowing messages from your higher self and loving universal guides to speak through me.

This is my work as an intuitive guide and self-empowerment mentor.

Jessica created a healing, loving and compassionate environment. She listens with her whole being and uses her gifts to connect fully. She is gifted, intuitive, and present. Her readings are a gift that everyone should give themselves.

Tamara L.

What to expect from your session

Walk away with real tools to help you move forward.

During our session, I will provide tools specifically tailored to your needs. Which you will be able to access via the recording you receive after our zoom session.

Included in your personal investment

  • 45 min. Zoom session, Recorded
  • Intuitive guidance specific to your situation
  • Guided meditation to connect with your soul
  • Tools to use for your empowerment

Investment amount: $145

Throughout the session, Jessica helped me feel safe, seen, and heard. The work that we did together allowed me to meet my spirit guide and connect with her in a very meaningful way. I left the session feeling a great sense of calm, love, and self-reassurance. I felt like I gave myself a very special gift. Jessica’s gifts are evident in her work.

Priscilla M.