Intuitive Guidance

Intuitive Guidance Session

Are you ready for your soul’s wisdom to guide you beyond illusion into a clear and healing space for transformation? During an intuitive guidance session, I translate messages from your soul’s Akashic Records and loving guides so you can receive clarity and guidance for your life’s circumstances and tools for self-empowerment.   

Are you ready to unlock your full potential so you can fulfill your heart’s desires?

How about finally understanding:

how to bring your dreams to reality

what stands between you and the love you desire

how to achieve happiness, ease, and grace

how your leadership role can be of the highest service

Your ability to fulfill your highest purpose (dreams and desires) depends on your ability to connect with your soul’s innate wisdom and integrate it into your daily life.

perhaps you are asking

How do I receive and access this level of clarity?

How do I connect with my eternal wisdom?

How do I use that wisdom to create my reality?

When you are held in a safe space, when you are seen and heard on a soul level

Your spirit opens and blossoms like a flower and shares with you the secrets you carry within.

My service helps you see clearly by connecting with you on a deep soul level and then allowing messages from your higher self and loving universal guides to speak through me.

This is my work as an intuitive guide and self-empowerment mentor.

Jessica created a healing, loving and compassionate environment. She listens with her whole being and uses her gifts to connect fully. She is gifted, intuitive, and present. Her readings are a gift that everyone should give themselves.

Tamara L.

What to expect from your session

When you book a 1-1 session with me, you will receive clarity and guidance specific to your questions.

The energetic unfolding that takes place within your consciousness will serve as a guide for your self-empowerment and will also provide the ability to navigate life with more awareness moving forward.

During our session, I will provide tools specifically tailored to your needs. Which you will be able to access via the recording you receive after our zoom session.

Included in your personal investment

  • 45 min. Zoom session, Recorded
  • Intuitive guidance specific to your situation
  • Guided meditation to connect with your soul
  • Tools to use for your empowerment

Investment amount: $180

Lily Panyocosit

Jessica’s reading for me was powerful. She accessed a past life for me that I feel holds the key for me to really open up in an expansive manner in this lifetime. She then accessed the records to offer me practical tools to heal and open my throat chakra. I am forever grateful for the messages and safe manner she held space for me. Thank you, Jessica!

Lily Panyacosit