Site Credits

Site Credits

site lovingly crafted and hosted by

Yael from Pixel Happy Studio

Working with Yael to create my website was a dream come true.  I had a big vision and needed guidance from an expert in Web design and development to bring this dream to life.  She helped me understand what was expected of me and kept me on track the entire way.  Her skills go beyond technology. 

I felt like a wise coach was guiding me. Her knowledge and creative skills allowed me to focus on my part while she brought everything together so beautifully.  I could not have imagined a better experience. 

Her intuition is also an essential and impressive quality that allowed me to relax, enjoy the process, and trust her guidance.  Her skill level, expertise, and professional, timely work are hard to come by.  I highly recommend her if you need to build a website.

Yael Reinhardt-Matsliah

photo credits

Header image for Written Channeled Messages: Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

Header image of women sitting on ground looking at sunset: Photo by Julia Caesar on Unsplash

Header image on Conscious Creator and Akashic Records Mentorship Program: Photo by Krzysztof Sinica on Unsplash

Image for mentorship program: Photo by Nathan Ziemanski on Unsplash