Written Channeled Messages

Written Channeled Messages

Sometimes we need guidance from a trusted source to see things clearly.

Are you feeling confused, scared to make a move, stuck, and don’t know why?

Are you in a transitional phase and would like to understand the bigger picture? Do the same frustrating experiences keep happening, and you cannot figure out what is standing in your way?

If you have been asking the Universe for guidance and answers, now is your opportunity to receive direct answers from loving universal guides who are ready to assist you.

Jessica created a healing, loving and compassionate environment. She listens with her whole being and uses her gifts to connect fully. She is gifted, intuitive, and present. Her readings are a gift that everyone should give themselves.

Tamara L.

how it works

Jessica is a channel of the highest integrity.  She only works with loving and compassionate spirit guides. 

How it works:

Jessica tunes into your energy field and opens up to receive messages that are waiting for you.  The messages come through as written in a stream of consciousness. 

Included in your purchase

  • Ask up to 3 questions
  • PDF file of channeled message delivered to your email address

Investment amount: $98 (Delivery within 7 days)

Jessica brought a clear and helpful message through from my guides. It brought answers and guidance. I loved receiving it as a written letter. I can read it later and receive more. There were so many layers.

Anne Sick