Discover personal freedom to follow your unique soul purpose

+ Enhance your intuitive powers 

You came into this life to discover deep satisfaction by developing and utilizing your innate powers of co-creation. If you are ready to satisfy your deep soul longings and elevate your perspective of life let’s work together.

How it works – 

OPTION #1 – Take advantage of this super discount on three intuitive readings, keep them in your tool bag, and use them whenever you want for whatever questions you have.


  • Schedule your three intuitive reading sessions between two weeks to one month apart.  
  • Between sessions, implement the wisdom revealed from the readings as a daily practice. 
  • Note your curiosities, questions, and experiences between sessions so we can reveal the opportunities for growth when we meet again.
  • You will learn how to make conscious choices to achieve your goals as you become more aware of your behavioral patterns.
  • Your intuition will sharpen in our time together, helping you embody more truth.
  • There is no limit to how much we can achieve together if you are willing to explore deeper truths about your abilities and journey.

Included in your package – 

  • Three ninety-minute intuitive readings
  • Recording of each session 
  • Guided meditation and energy healing
  • Clarity and guidance for your questions
  • Specific practices to implement change and enhance your powers of co-creation and intuition

This package is for anyone who is seeking guidance for – 

  • Major life changes 
  • Your soul’s journey and purpose
  • Expanding your spiritual practice 
  • Relationship fulfillment 
  • Removing dense energy blocks to evolve and grow
  • Healing fears and trauma 
  • Awakening intuitive abilities

Valued at $435.00 for only $294.00

This package Includes 3 Intuitive Readings Sessions, 90 minutes each, for $98.00/session.

The price for scheduling 1 Intuitive Reading Session without this package is $145.00