4 Month Mentorship Program
for Impact Driven Leaders

Akashic Records + Intuitive Readings Certification

Learn how to access the Akashic Records, heal on a deeper level, and lead from the power of your intuition and divine guidance. So you can help your clients transform and live their highest purpose.


A three-week course that includes weekly video lessons, guided practice assignments, and guided meditations. 

TOTAL VALUE – $2,550
Your investment – $897

  • History and Overview of the Akashic Records 
  • Ethics of Intuitive Readings 
  • How to access your records to transform and achieve your dreams
  • How to access the records of others to help your clients heal and transform
  • Energy clearing techniques to maintain your psychic field, and set boundaries
  • Multiple guided meditations to use in your 1:1 sessions, so you know exactly how to guide them.
  • Weekly guided practice assignments to become a master
  • Understanding the art of intuitive readings
  • Proper Posture of your energetic field to hold space 
  • Setting expectations for yourself and clients
  • Online support
BONUS Material
  • Decrees and Prayers to align your energetic field + how to write your own
  • How to work with divination tools to enhance your abilities
  • Resources Guide to open your online practice as an Akashic Records reader.

4 x 60min One-on-One Intuitive Sessions + Recordings [Value $800]

1 Intuitive guidance session per month –  We will be tapping into your Akashic record so you can learn how to lead from your power of intuition and divine guidance as an Akashic Records Practitioner.

  • 1st session – We will be tapping into your records to explore your ancestral lineage and one past life to help you understand your connection with the Akashic Records and any challenges you may face as you step into the role of an intuitive reader.  Ancestral Knowledge will help you personalize your divination tools to easily tap into the Akashic realm.
  • Sessions 2 – 4 are intuitively personalized based on the phase of your journey.
  • This mentorship is an experiential process. It is necessary to allow the time between each session to integrate the energy and information through everyday living.
  • You will notice shifts in your life and opportunities to practice and experience what you are learning. 

Support over 4 months  [VALUE $800]

I will be available for support during these 4 months to guide you and answer any questions or concerns that arise.  

I will be holding an energetic space for you, receiving downloads and information during these 4 months together.

Certification upon completion

Upon completion of this mentorship, you will be able to:

  • Access the Akashic Records
  • Conduct one-on-one sessions
  • Maintain your psychic field with clearing tools and techniques
  • Understand what resources you need to open your online Akashic Records practice
  • Increase the value of your service while increasing your impact
  • Facilitate transformational healing for your clients
  • Guide with integrity from the first-hand experience of going through your Records with Jessica guiding you
  • Receive energetic activations and healing to embody the frequency of a healer

TOTAL VALUE – $2,550
Your investment – $897


3 Monthly Payments of $333

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