Intuitive Healing For Your Inner Child  

Self-Parenting that nurtures extraordinary achievements 

From frustration to fulfillment

These intuitive tools will transform your life from ordinary to extraordinary by providing the awareness to turn your fears and insecurities into love and confidence, making you a magnet for deeper relationships and fulfilling life experiences that are aligned to your soul’s purpose. 

Be honest, are you tired of trying and ready to give up on:

Deep intimacy

Optimal health 

Addiction recovery

Eliminating dysfunctional relationships

Completing important projects

Rewarding life work

This beginner guide for intuitive healing provides tools to nurture a loving relationship with your inner child, so you can reveal and heal behavioral patterns that block you from experiencing your desires and living your highest potential.


Understanding and healing behavioral patterns that block you from achieving your dreams. 

Embodying unwavering confidence and feeling secure no matter what life brings your way.

Effortlessly developing intimate and meaningful relationships.

Becoming a magnet that aligns you with purposeful life experiences. 

Having the ability to recognize and make empowering choices in the present moment. 

The guided energy healing is powerful enough to be used from the beginning stages of your self-discovery journey to the most advanced levels of life transformation.  

Included in this online package:

30 Minute video lesson

20 Minute energy healing meditation 

PDF journal prompts to reveal inner child behavioral patterns 

Cost for this online course: $25