Hello Awakened one,

It is time to step into your sovereignty. The world is awaiting your gifts.  Will you answer the call?

The Goddess Isis Mystery School is now open for 2024 enrollment

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Welcome to a space dedicated to

Spiritual Embodiment

A place to:

Master your intuitive gifts

Discover your life’s mission

Alchemize your fears into self-love

Connect with spirit guides and angels

Your life transformations are designed to help you discover your most powerful tools and treasures, which hold your unique gifts to share with the world.

As a professional intuitive, I provide a higher perspective to see the opportunities for growth during your awakening process.

Jessica Eary

My Offerings

to support you in your spiritual journey

Courses that Empower

Online courses designed for spiritual growth through embodied teachings.

One-on-One Support

Are you feeling inspired to work with me? Book a 1-1 session to receive clarity and guidance through a psychic reading.

Hello, I’m Jessica Eary, an Intuitive Guide and Spiritual Mentor.

Like you, I’ve had huge questions about my life and needed answers. This dissonance fueled my healing journey and eventually took me from heartache and confusion to finding a deep connection and purpose.

My passion is to help you harness the power of your inner wisdom so you can heal limiting beliefs, live an empowered life, and be a vessel of healing light.

Inspired artwork

paintings infused with energy and love