Goddess Isis Mystery School

Ok, be real with me, are you…

Someone who knows you are here for a reason and ready to embody your highest purpose?

Asking how you can be of service during this moment of significant awakening? 

Drawn to the mysteries of the universe and always seeking deeper meaning and connections? 

Ready for the next level of your spiritual evolution? 

In the temple of Isis, We Receive

Practical and timely guidance for the changing energies of our planet’s ascension.

Quantum field healing techniques and tools to work with the Earth Grid, Sacred Water, Elementals, and Light Language.

Chalice Well Light Activation to strengthen your divine feminine vessel and connection with Gaia.

Fulfillment for intimacy through devotion in sacred community.

Ancient teachings to enhance your spiritual practice and reveal universal mysteries.

Healing on profound levels to balance the union of divine feminine and masculine energies.


12-month commitment meeting 90 minutes on the first Wednesday of each month 8pm EST.

Click here for the schedule of when we will meet.

Every Full Moon, you will receive a recording via email with monthly healing tools and techniques working in the quantum field with the Earth Grid, Sacred Water, Elementals, and Light Language.

Continual access to the monthly recordings.

Email reminders with the link to join will be sent monthly.  

What is a Mystery School?

Mystery schools teach ancient, esoteric knowledge to students seeking to understand the mysteries of the universe and discover life’s purpose. In the past, only a tiny percentage of the population attended mystery schools of a particular lineage. Today, there is a higher demand for mystical enlightenment teachings as our planet is undergoing considerable transformation and more people are spiritually awakening.

The teachings of mystery schools reflect a multitude of cultural mythos and indigenous beliefs as they span the globe from the earliest recordings of history. Despite time and location, the connecting threads weaving through all mystery schools are teachings of self-study through ritual, ceremony, metaphysical universal laws, divine feminine mysteries, and the nature of creation.

Dedicated spiritual practice eventually reveals hidden mystical truths to the student, as the repetitive action of ritual and ceremony physically unites the spirit and earth realms. It is only through life experience that the student initiates into the mysteries of the divine and becomes the realization of divine embodiment.

The realization of divine embodiment includes multiple stages of spiritual awakening, ultimately leading to oneness, where masculine and feminine energies are balanced and working in unison. Obtaining this wisdom carries a responsibility to share, nurture, and restore balance where the divine calls you.

For over 2,000 years, the divine feminine mysteries were shared in secrecy and guarded against the rule of empires that sought to instill one-world religion and colonization. This destroyed indigenous wisdom, which maintained balance and harmony in the land, culture, and society.

The imbalance of feminine and masculine energies for thousands of years negatively impacts our planet, threatening our ability to sustain our well-being and survive. Our responsibility is to restore and maintain balance within Earth’s resources and among her inhanbitants.

Will you answer the call to remember, protect, and instill the forgotten teachings of our wise elders? The Goddess Isis Mystery School is now open for enrollment, starting in January 2024.

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