Jessica Eary

 I am passionate about teaching you how to lead with your intuition. 

You hold the power of change.

I am here to help you connect to your infinite wisdom so you can harness your intuitive skills and discover your power as a co-creator.

Life is a journey of self-discovery and collaboration.

Jessica Eary

I can help you Harness your intuitive abilities

I understand how impossible it can seem to become the victor of your life when it feels like nothing is in your control. 

What if you could feel peace and security even if you lost everything?

The truth is you are here to learn how powerful you are as you co-create in a world you cannot control. 

I know because that’s how I got here. One pillar at a time, the foundations of my life came crashing down. With the loss of my physical dreams, every belief I had about happiness, success, and peace was tested and proved an illusion.  

Feeling like I had nothing left to lose and nowhere else to turn, I started to go inward. Searching for life’s meaning and how I fit into this equation. 

I started asking my soul questions, which developed a relationship with my intuition. It guided me to teachers who taught me about my spiritual gifts and the universal laws, giving me the keys to exercise my power of co-creation.  

I use my wisdom to co-create from a higher perspective, higher vibration, and infinite well of power, and this is what I am most excited to share with you.  

If I hold the ability to alchemize fear into love, so do you. I am here to help you find that power within yourself.


  • Energy healing
  • Chakra healing
  • Channeling
  • Sound healing
  • Tarot and Oracle readings
  • Akashic Records readings

Let’s light this world up with your LOVE, DREAMS AND VISIONS. You were born for this moment of great change!

Standing at the edge of earth I witnessed the power of the Kīlauea volcano in Hawaii.

This was one of the most intense demonstrations of life force energy I have ever witnessed.

We all possess the element of fire and creation within our being, yet we may not identify ourselves with the power of a volcano.

Tonight’s new moon in Aries connects with the element of fire.

What is being cleared and purified in your life to make room for new growth?

How can you take action to be the creative force of your life?

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Loving life ☀️🌈
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💟Have you ever met someone who everyone loved being around?

And you wonder how they have such beautiful energy?

Highly loving people understand the value of tending to their thoughts.

💜Here are 3 simple steps to becoming a magnet for love.

1. Become aware of your inner dialogue.
2. Recognize every thought as a choice. Start by choosing loving thoughts.
3. Keep practicing

For more in-depth material about choosing love check out my YouTube Channel
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Standing at the center 
of the center of the wheel 
opening the crimson gates 
to fates im here to heal 
reweaving the threading 
of the shedding of the blood 
the stories of my mothers mother 
daughters daughter 
sisters sister 
through red rivers 
we are one
Center of the wheel, lyrics by Mayra Stark
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