Jessica Eary

Β I am passionate about teaching you how to lead with your intuition.Β 

You hold the power of change.

I am here to help you connect to your infinite wisdom so you can harness your intuitive skills and discover your power as a co-creator.

Life is a journey of self-discovery and collaboration.

Jessica Eary

I can help you Harness your intuitive abilities

I understand how impossible it can seem to become the victor of your life when it feels like nothing is in your control. 

What if you could feel peace and security even if you lost everything?

The truth is you are here to learn how powerful you are as you co-create in a world you cannot control. 

I know because that’s how I got here. One pillar at a time, the foundations of my life came crashing down. With the loss of my physical dreams, every belief I had about happiness, success, and peace was tested and proved an illusion.  

Feeling like I had nothing left to lose and nowhere else to turn, I started to go inward. Searching for life’s meaning and how I fit into this equation. 

I started asking my soul questions, which developed a relationship with my intuition. It guided me to teachers who taught me about my spiritual gifts and the universal laws, giving me the keys to exercise my power of co-creation.  

I use my wisdom to co-create from a higher perspective, higher vibration, and infinite well of power, and this is what I am most excited to share with you.  

If I hold the ability to alchemize fear into love, so do you. I am here to help you find that power within yourself.


  • Energy healing
  • Chakra healing
  • Channeling
  • Sound healing
  • Tarot and Oracle readings
  • Akashic Records readings

Let’s light this world up with your LOVE, DREAMS AND VISIONS. You were born for this moment of great change!

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Jessica Eary

πŸŒ’πŸŒ•πŸŒ˜ High Priestess
πŸ’™ Energy Healer & Professional Intuitive
πŸ™πŸ» In service to The Divine Feminine
🎨 Artist

Full and New Moons are powerful portals into the mystical realms of the divine feminine.  During these monthly energetic gateways, people have gathered for eons to receive guidance, restore energy, and heal in a sacred community.  Today we gather to remember our ancestors and embody the wisdom for future generations.  The Goddess Isis Mystery School is open for enrollment.  DM for Link. 
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πŸ‰ The energies are shifting from doing and getting to being and receiving. A balance of both are seeking union for healing. 

πŸ‘ŽπŸ» The current standard for success reflects a system that promotes external validation,  driven by how much we produce. 

πŸ‘ŽπŸ» Our worth is measured by material gain and creates a hierarchical structure that deems the less you produce, the less time, power, and luxury you are entitled to. 

β€οΈβ€πŸ©Ή This system is outdated. 

βš–οΈ The imbalance of energies is collapsing on itself, and we are responsible for restoring balance. 

❔How often do we say we are tired and don’t have enough time, money, or space, and in the same conversation, we talk about how much we are working on manifestation? Do you see the disconnect here? 

πŸ’₯ If you are the creator, why do you try to keep up with a system that is not aligning with your needs?  It is time to break the cycle. 

πŸ•ŠοΈ The power of receiving is the energy that will restore balance.  Going inward instead of outward when your soul craves and longs for a relationship will heal the split between what you think you lack and what is present and waiting to be revealed from within. 

πŸͺ„ We are capable of so much more than what we have seen.  Deep connection and fulfillment will come when we embody our highest potential of love, not fear. 

⏳ It will take some practice and willingness to learn, but communities and leaders are rising to support you in this transformation.  You are not alone in your feelings; we are floating through space on this mothership together and will heal together. 🌍
πŸ“– The Goddess Isis Mystery school is a sacred container to usher in new energy and create a practice dedicated to embodied spiritual healing. Leaders you know who you are. If you are ready to change the paradigm send me a DM for the info. 
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πŸ€” When I received this message today I thought: β€œOh boy”, β€œIf I were to never buy another book until I completed or gave away what I will not read…” β€œIf I dug deeper to have more courage in my relationships to say the things unsaid.” 

I could keep going but you know what I am getting at. We fantasize portals to be places of escape, but right now this one is to open our spiritual sight to no longer be blinded to the reality we perpetuate in fear. 

I am Sending you the courage to see the truth in that bright light you have cultivated. Don't dim it. πŸ’₯
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πŸ‰ Dragon energy of golden light surround me with truth, life, and clarity. Connect me to the beauty of life, with all forms, souls, and deities.  Help me to honor everything I encounter, and transmute anything blocking me from receiving all that is. 
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