How to move forward in life

How to move forward in life

Ready to make a change? In Four steps, identify what keeps you stuck and how to create an action plan to move forward in life.

If you wonder why your desire to move forward isn’t enough to make a change? It is time to dig deeper and examine your fears, but don’t stop there. When you reveal your hidden fears, they can teach you how to make a wise decision to move forward.

Here’s a YouTube video that explains each step in more detail. I recommend watching the video and reading the post so you can receive the entire message with energetic healing and deeper understanding. 

Awareness is the first step to making a change

In the four steps below, you will identify what is keeping you stuck, why awareness is so powerful, and how to make a plan to move forward in life by understanding how to work with your fears.

  • First, ask yourself, “What do you want to change in your life, and why you have not been able to move forward?”
  •  Second, ask yourself, “What is your fear beneath your reason for being stuck?”
  •  Third, evaluate the role the fear is playing in your life. 
  •  Fourth, Evaluate if you need to ask for help and find supportive resources. 

Fear is a signal for us to pause, but the key is to understand how to use this pause wisely. When we experience fear, it is essential to ask why we hesitate. Fear can signal two main factors, and it can either be a warning sign to keep you safe or be an indication of where you get stuck, revealing limiting beliefs that restrict you from expanding. 

Here are two questions to identify the role of fear in your indecision to move forward.

  1.  Is my fear a warning sign that I may be in danger? 

For example, when fear is a warning sign to keep you safe:  

  • You heard about a new cryptocurrency and decided to invest your life’s savings into this digital currency, but you feel nervous. Pause and ask yourself- Is there a creative solution that could be safer?  
  • You are tired of being in a manipulative relationship, and you decide you will break up with your partner, but you are scared because you have a hard time standing up for yourself. Pause and ask yourself – Do you need professional help to create a safety plan to protect yourself emotionally? 

2. Is my fear revealing a limiting belief?

Limiting beliefs are false beliefs that we accept to be true. If we do not address them, they can keep us stuck and eventually create a victim mentality.

How to identify limiting beliefs that keep you stuck:

  • Are you blaming people or circumstances for not being able to move forward?
  • State your fear of moving forward and evaluate the statement for truth.

Use the awareness you gain to make a plan of action.

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