December 18th -24th

December 18th -24th

Hello, welcome to this week’s Pick a card Oracle Card Reading. This is the week of December 18 through the 24th. If you landed on this video, and as a different date, do not worry, there are messages here for you. If you pick more than one pile, there are multiple messages for you. So…

Hello, welcome to this week’s Pick a card Oracle Card Reading. This is the week of December 18 through the 24th. If you landed on this video, and as a different date, do not worry, there are messages here for you. If you pick more than one pile, there are multiple messages for you. So just keep going with it. You can see the timestamps below you can skip ahead to pile two or three, if that’s what you picked, you don’t want to watch the other one, shall we get started my name is Jessica eary. And I am an intuitive guide. And it is my passion to help you see your circumstances in life from a higher perspective. So the way we’re going to do this today is by pulling some cards for you, I’m using the Leonard mon Dec pulling three cards for pile number one right now. And we have the moon take a good look at this picture, the moon sitting on the gears, going with the seasons of life going with time. This is the coffin. It’s a little blurry. Can you see the coffin with Anubis. And we have the fox. So pile number one you are going through the ending of a cycle. And when I say ending, I mean dead stop ending. This is no going back to this phase of your life that is done. The moon signifies emotions. And the coffin is talking about those things in your life that are dying right now. But paired with the moon, the moon also signifies big, big picture with like fame and money. And I’m gonna go with what I’m hearing right now. So the coffin, you’re losing some money, and you’re losing the trust of people in your life. And you’re getting a big shake out of people who have been doing you wrong or pulling the wool over your eyes. There is someone that you let close into your inner circle, who’s now proven to be mischievious who had ill intentions and it wreaked some havoc. And it has also cost you your reputation on a certain level with very close people in your life. Who this is not an easy time for you. So you’re learning more about boundaries. You’re learning about who you can trust and you might be going turning like on yourself right now. Not trusting yourself because you let this person and this is a master manipulator who who is causing this ending right now. But this ending is good for you because this was a very toxic relationship. So even though you are losing money and you might be losing friends, and you may have some pain in your pride right now, because of your reputation being a little bit tarnished by this person, you are getting the gift of clearing up your social circle, being more, having more integrity with yourself and who you allow in and creating more of a safe sanctuary and feeling. Who don’t worry, this is only a phase and the wisdom that you take forward is going to help you pickbetter people to spend your time with and you won’t be so quick to let everyone in and you will be choosing your partner, either business or life partner with a little more discernment. So let’s see what message we have. We have below lady we got two cards here. The lady this says Enjoy growth and reap rewards. So the ending of this cycle and the the direct effect of getting this fox out of the henhouse is you get to be rewarded by your own hard work and efforts you get to keep that for yourself. When you don’t have someone constantly taking from you, so it’s time to reap your rewards for yourself and having very healthy relationships, keeping your relationships healthy. And then we have the wise one growing, grow within your current situation. So the the wise one is, I love this archetype. She is a part of the cycles of the moon when we know the archetypes of the Goddess from the maiden, the mother, the wild woman, and the Crone, the crone is also the wise one, she is the element of Earth. She is the new moon that’s dark, she’s mysterious, and she is the season of winter, we’re coming up on the winter solstice, which is the darkest night of the year, the longest night of the year. And we can go into that night with rituals, of getting in touch with our, our shadows, we can sit and stillness, we can invite our ancestors and the wise ones in to teach us about our shadows in the darkness of our life and the darkness of the planet and humanity right now. And we pay respect to that we bring light to the darkness by paying respect, and holding a very sacred space with ritual. And we honor everything that we are having an ending, like whatever is closing in our life. At this end of the year, we honor that as if it were a burial. So even this person who came into your life and wreaked all this havoc and caused all this pain, eventually, if it’s not this year, and the solstice, maybe next year on the solstice, after you’ve done some emotional healing, not bypassed it, processed those emotions, then we can honor the lessons and the the wisdom that we have gained out of that, that life experience. So I’m sorry that you are experiencing a lot of emotional distress at this moment. And it might feel like too much is going on, especially with the holidays. So I’m sending you so much love right now and clarity. Speak truth to your situation, it’s going to help you in the moment, it’s okay if you feel rage and anger and sadness. Find a quiet place where you can be either with someone you trust or a therapist or even be alone with your guides and process those emotions even going out in nature. They need to be processed to fully heal the cycle. Okay, I’m sending you love. Let’s go on to pile number number two. Okay, pile number two, your three card spread is near pick a card, Oracle card reading, you have the storm, the clover and the mountain. So the story that we are seeing that’s playing out for you right now. Give me a minute to look at this. Even though you are a little cloudy and confused and you might be going between your vacillating right now in your motions between I’m happy I’m okay. And I’m so confused. I don’t know. Is this good for me? I don’t know. I need someone to direct me. Who do I ask for direction. Oh, I’m going to ask this person. Oh, it’s not good enough. I’m going to ask this person you are all over the place. And your mind is very active right now. But with a lot of static. It’s like a storm you’re going through a storm and on one side of this card, there’s lightning there’s black clouds on the other side of the card there is the sun and there are birds that are flying. So on the right side of the card with the the sun is beside the clovers. So the clovers are all about luck and hope and good things coming into your life. So you are ending. You’re coming to the ending of your storm and confusion. You have a streak of luck that’s coming but it’s not going to last forever. So when this good luck comes, you will notice it and take advantage of this is your message hear me very clear, if you want some help with this, when that good luck comes, and things start to fall into place, don’t start playing around like, oh, things are good. Now I’m just going to screw off and like do whatever like all this fun, funny, whatever playful thing, this is a serious moment of your life that’s coming back around in a cycle of learning. So you’re coming through this storm, and then as the clouds part is going to shine light on your situation. So you can see this is your luck, you can see what this lesson is about, you can see the strength that you are going to need, because you are about to climb a mountain, I’m sorry, Hate to break it to you. You’re about to climb a mountain, this mountain might be a relationship issue. Let me see, I feel into this. This mountain has to do with your beliefs and and learning through your life experience. What you really believe so it’s going to shake you to the core. But in order to get past this difficult moment that’s coming, you have to climb the mountain, you can’t go around it. So this lucky moment that’s coming your way. Take advantage of it. Know that you’re in a lucky moment when you’re in it.

I’m seeing some of you are getting a second chance you’re getting a clean break. Some of you are getting to travel in the way that you wanted to you’re getting to having this opportunity to leave the town that you’ve always been in that you’ve felt stuck to.

And this is your stroke of luck.

And as this happens while you are away, it is important what you’re doing

to create the life that you’ve always wanted to create. So you’re getting the universe is handing you on a silver platter that thing that you want and don’t squander it is your message, you’re going to need this thing

to motivate you because you’re climbing this mountain.

And the mountain is a part of your luck too. Because the mountain is

that journey of you coming to know your beliefs and your everything to the core of your life through taking advantage of this gift that the universe is handing you. So those of you who have been really asking and really asking the universe, please bring me that relationship. Please bring me that job, please let me move out of this town. It’s coming and you’re getting it and see the gift that you’re getting being handed as a gift. So you don’t waste it. You’re allowed to do whatever you want. This isn’t about shaming you or making you feel bad about getting what you want. It’s just giving you insight and

helping you think maturely when you are in that place of goodness and feel good and all that amazingness that you’ve been asking for. Okay, it’s about growing up. You’re doing pretty good. Pile number two, let me pull a card for you. This is an Oracle Card from the angels ancestors. Let’s see.

Elder move beyond ancestral patterns. Ooh, I love it. So those of you who are getting that second chance that are being given this gift that you’ve been asking for, it’s you’re moving well beyond what your parents were able to go beyond.

You are healing your lineage.

If your parents were

you know, they were never able to get out of that town and you’re being handed the gift to get out of town and you’re being handed the gift to make more money. You’re being handed the gift to get a degree to follow your dreams. To have that relationship that you’ve always dreamed of that you didn’t see your parents having.This elder card is like an ancestor that comes and says he’s like handing the baton off to you like this isYour move, this is your time, this is your creation of life, go for it, you’re getting the go ahead, and I’m really excited for you. Okay, let’s move on to pile number three. Pile number three, here’s your three card spread, we have loyalty, the dog, we have stability, tree of life. And we have commitment the ring give me one minute here. Pile number three, you are learning how to put your roots down, be stable and grounded by committing to yourself, being loyal to yourself being loyal to those things, people and ideas that you have committed to. So there is a dualistic nature in this commitment. It’s

It’s between you and the universe between you and a relationship. It’s not just you, it’s you.

Keeping your word in your commitment to either people,

projects, or the universe.

And this is helping you put your roots down and you’re gonna feel more grounded and strong. And

and as you feel that groundedness like a tree, your branches go up higher, your reaches higher, you’re able to reach more people, you’re able to help more people, and your loyalty, become stronger to everyone else, because you are loyal with yourself. So in any type of devotional practice that requires faith,

our strongest lesson that we learn and that is showing up and being loyal to ourselves, and truthful in our commitment, having integrity with our word.

And I see that this is like,

it’s gonna bring you a lot of friends, it’s going to bring you a lot of relationships that are very stable. So you have stable, you may already have stable friends and

relationships right now. But I see your soul family coming in your soul families coming. And it’s going to feel really good to have that kind of companionship in your life. You may have been alone for a while, but it’s not going to be for much longer. After this winter solstice, you are going to see a huge shift in your relationships, they’re going to be very rewarding.

And as much as you commit to yourself, you will see other people also giving you that type of commitment, because then you’re

you don’t go back on your word, you’re more loyal to yourself and other people. So it’s like this beautiful loop that it’s helping you feel strong and stable. You may have been moving around a lot. And you want a stable grounded sense of home and you are going to have that. And these next four months, you’ll see everything start to come to fruition. Okay, let me just pull one card for you from the angels and ancestors

card deck, what’s your message from your guides? The hermit, ooh, this is interesting. Retreat and recharge. Okay, make some commitments to spend time with yourself.

Being loyal to that sacred space that you create for you to really get in tune with your energy and seeing

you know, where you need to take better care of yourself in certain areas. Just spending that time alone without other people in your energy field is going to teach you so much right now. So much. And I think I said this to I think it was pile. Maybe it was pile number one I don’t remember but the winter solstice is coming up on the 21st it’s the darkest night of the year.

It’s very thin veil. So getting in touch with your ancestors with your guides with the other world

and using it to see what you can’t usually see because you’re going deep into the darkness

And it’s a powerful time to get to know your shadows to get to know through feeling, feeling and being quiet and still in that uncomfortable dark space, getting comfortable with that space. But do this in a sacred way where you create ritual and you invite your guides and ancestors and for the good of your life and everyone else in it, and it will really open up and show you so much about yourself.

That’s funny, this is the end of our reading, and it’s my alarm. So it’s time to end. If you need personal in depth reading, please click on the link below and check out my offering for the moon circle that’s coming up starting January 21. I cannot wait. I’m super excited. We will be tapping into the powers of the elements and using that to

have a sacred space of our own and learn more about what we are doing here on this planet and how we can be of service. I love you guys. I will see you next week.