Sound Healing

Sound Healing Bath

Clear, balance, and  restore your mind, body, and spirit with the sounds of Himalayan Singing Bowls

Himalayan Singing Bowls are ancient musical instruments used for thousands of years by Tibetan Monks for meditation. 

These instruments are designed to open and balance your energy field.  

This is one of my favorite ways to share energy work, as it allows you to relax and experience energy healing through your physical senses. 

your personal sound bath

Daily meditation with singing bowls is a powerful practice to maintain a clear energy field and high vibrational energy.

If you are feeling exhausted, stuck, overwhelmed, having trouble sleeping, emotionally drained, lethargic, one sound bath can help you clear stagnant energy, release pent-up emotions, and receive a boost through balancing your energy centers. 

Included in your purchase

  • 20 min recorded audio sound healing session with opening guided meditation.
  • 10 min video – A personal message+ intuitive energy reading 

Investment amount: $98 (Delivery within 7 days)

I’ve known Jessica for 16 yrs both personally and professionally and have watched her grow and flourish as an intuitive healer. She recently created a personalized sound bath meditation for me during a recent unexpected life mishaps and I am beyond happy that she did!

Francesca Rivietti

My mind felt like a busy city street and it was overwhelming. Jessica’s sound bowl meditation shut out the noise and I finally felt a sense of calm. This is the first time I experienced a deep state of meditation. I highly recommend Jessica’s sound meditation experience.

– Chris Tiska